• Arnie, prior to leaving for service in Europe World War II.

  • The author and his wife Selma, the former international singing star Sue Kenny

  • Arnie and his wife at their summer ranch resort

  • Veteran of World War II

Meet Arnold Klein

Arnold Klein, agent, manager and producer was renowned and respected through the entertainment industry and was a primary consultant to numerous New York Departments of Parks and Recreation and the prestigious New York Racing Association.

A resident of Sunny Isles Beach Florida for over 35 years, Arnold (or Arnie, as his friends like to call him) is the kind of guy who has done it all. He was a talent agent who booked many nightclub, lounge and catering hall acts across the country. He’s lectured for several prestigious cruise lines. Before his career in entertainment, he served in combat during World War II, graduated Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science degree and studied at the University of Pennsylvania graduate school.

Arnie’s friends know him to be unstoppable so none of them were really surprised when they learned that Arnie, at the tender age of 87, published his first novel.